Our Story

YAHLISTIC Natural Body Works is all about natural products that are catered to promoting beautiful skin. YAHLISTIC NBW  started from Marie's desire to make natural skin care products for her family and specifically for my her son who has an uncommon skin condition. After extensive treatments, with minimal and temporary relief she decided to look into a different approach. 

Marie started researching and learned more about herbal oils, herbal creams, and lotions that are very helpful in removing toxins and keeping the skin nourished. After learning more about a better alternative to care and natural skin balance, she adapted to a new method to care for the skin. Deciding to switch to natural skin care products yielded great results and she was excited about it.

The desire to make natural products became her passion and she decided to learn to create bath and body products for family and friends. Since they were so well received, Marie set out to continue making body products that are as natural as possible with the best and most simple ingredients. Now, she wants to continue sharing her knowledge and passion by producing products that are made with sustainable organic ingredients, FREE of sulfates, Paraben, and toxins. 

The name YAHLISTIC comes from the name Yahweh. Yahweh is the Hebrew term for God which means "I am."  We believe that God created all things that are in nature to be used for our benefit. So, why not treat our skin with the best and most natural products provided on Earth by God? 

If you want to reap the benefits of using natural skin care products, try YAHLISTIC today. All of our soaps, lotions, body butter and more are packed with vitamin and nutrients and are Paraben free, Vegan-Friendly, detergent free and can be used by all skin types. 



"I'm a believer. I'm a wife. I'm a mother. I am passionate about natural living."