About Us

Marie Dorce, Founder

photo by Ashley Dorcé

Our Story

YAHLISTIC Natural Body began with founder Marie Dorce and her desire to create natural skincare products for her family, specifically for her son who had an uncommon skin condition. After her son went through extensive skin treatments with minimal relief, Marie decided to take a different approach. 

After months of research, taking classes and learning about the benefits of natural ingredients for the skin, Marie decided to try her hand at creating her own skincare formulas.  After several trials and tests, her formulas yielded better results for her son’s skin. Marie began sharing her products with close family and friends and they were well received. Her desire to create skincare products for her family quickly turned into a passion for promoting natural alternatives for healthier beautiful skin. 


Our Products

YAHLISTIC Natural Body is a handmade, natural skincare collection dedicated to providing skincare solutions for happier and healthier skin. 

All of our products are handmade, formulated, and packaged at home. Each product is packed with vitamins and nutrients that can be used on all skin types. Yahlistic Natural Body’s products are Paraben-free, Vegan-Friendly, Detergent-free, Ethically made, and not tested on animals.